How Open is OpenCologne?

Dimensions of Openness

From the research perspective there are at least four Dimensions of Openness in a platform world. The openness of the Demand-, the Supply-,  the Provider- and the Sponsor perspective. The current thoughts of the OCGN Group concerning this structuring are the following:

Current view of OpenCologne

The Demand side is at no cost open for everybody.  Everybody can develop at no licence fees against the OCGN APIs. Same is valid for the Supply view. Every insurer can build against the API designs at no costs and should also supply a basic sets of implemented APIs for free (comparable to the current PSD2 regulation – ‘at no discrimination’). The Provider perspective is open as well. There are no limits connecting the demand and the supply side technically and from a platform perspective. The Sponsor’s design responsibility and it’s IP is up to the OCGN group and its members. We will work on a shared governance- and operating mode,  but as with the other elements as well, we’ve just started to sort out different opinions and objectives. Interesting and important to know is there are levels of openness. Openness is an important mean to control and manage a two-sided market.  

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