The OpenCologne Agenda – The First Open Insurance Implementation Initiative

Status  Update – More than Utopia – Interest is here (to stay)

In the meantime the OpenCologne Initiative has been discussed with several carriers and startups. Five carriers and the same number of startups have articulated interest to discuss further and to identify a suitable operating and governance model. The new group intends to meeting for a first iniital setup in October in Cologne  trying to answering the question above and to defining a first MVP. Our focus is ‘being open’, but starting small and delivering instead of trying to solving everything theoretically and in advance. Attached below the rationale behind OpenCologne and its objectives (for the ones who haven’t yet joined former discussions). Stay  tuned. I know it’s far from easy, but I know it can work reflecting  past activities for HBCI and PSD2/BerlinGroup and other API and community activities I’ve supported the last 30 yeas.

The OpenCologne Agenda in a Nutshell


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