OpenCologne Customer Journeys

Go where the customer is with your Insurance Data and Processes

I’ve been often asked what are the advantages of OpenCologne? For simplification and illustration purposes I’ve created some Customer Journeys without claiming any completeness and/or correctness. I’m very happy if one is taking these illustrations to challenging these stories behind OCGN or providing other good examples:

Tax Journey

The customer uses a cloud based service to create his tax declaration. Instead of manually entering insurance data he integrates his insurance account into the tax service with the help of the OCGN button.

eCommerce Journey

The customer decides during checkout to insure items in the basket. An alternative to selecting a new insurer he protects the corresponding item with his existing carrier account and signs the transaction with strong customer authentication (SCA) applying a One Time Password (OTP).

Finance Planning Journey

The customer can create a Multiview-Insurance perspective by integrating his data via OCGN and PSD2. From this Multi-View he does Change Business with his existent carrier.

Buy Car  Journey

The customer buys a new car via a motor web platform and decides to quote the new model via OCGN and his existing carrier. Besides he orders via OCGN an EVB automatically.  The customer can also initiate a bind and sign via OTP.

Sell Car Journey

The customer wants to sell his car via a motor web platform, but instead of entering all car data manually to create the ad and the offer he fetches necessary data via OCGN and his assigned insurer.

Compare Insurance Journey

The customer can, after searched for the best offer via an aggregatator site, also compare via OCGN with his existing insurer’s offer with a one click login.

Make Appointment  Journey

The customer can make an appointment via a doctor’s web appointment platform and can register via OCGN. The necessary insurance data is automatically added to the appointment.

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