Agile Enterprise Architecture Management

Delivery Thinking Enterprise Architects (DTEA)

In my last two articles on this topic I mentioned the interesting shift in Gartner’s definition from of EAM 2013 to 2018 towards innovation enablement and disruptive challenges. Also I have mentioned some initiatives from Germany which are creating new approaches of EAM either on a semi practical/academic or fully academic level. If you look at how agile EAM is understood in other parts of the world and how big technology companies actually do EAM you might get a better understanding of how this topic has evolved and where this shift in Gartner’s definition comes from. EAM derived from Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) is an interesting approach to have a deeper look at. It is amazing how pragmatic it is crafted and yet it does not seem to end up in chaos. Principles for Performing Enterprise Architecture Agilely according to DAD are
  1. Evolutionary collaboration over blueprinting
  2. Communication over perfection
  3. Active stakeholder participation
  4. Enterprise architects are active participants on development teams
  5. Enablement over inspection
  6. High-level models
  7. Capture details with working code
  8. Lean guidance and rules, not bureaucratic procedures
  9. Have a dedicated team of experienced, enterprise Architects
You can read more on this on disciplined agile delivery’s site. We from fully agree with this approach and understand ourselves as Delivery Thinking Enterprise Architects (DTEA) in such a manner.