Why Machine Learning is the new Gut Instinct

And why it is important to differentiate between the Fake and the True Gut Instinct

Very often in your life you have an opinion. And you make discissions without being able to explain your choice. These decisions will often leave one with the impression having decided randomly and without structure. But the opposite is the case. With lightspeed your brain has processed millions of algorithms trained by terabyte of data. This then will lead to one’s Gut Instinct proposal. Your brain doesn’t tell you how it made the decision, but it was a proper defined way. This is exactly how Machine Learning works. Good trained algorithms without being in the position to explaining the outcome. Take it or leave it, live with uncertainty. Many successful people and managers are controlling and managing their companies with Gut Instincts. You prepare a lot of decision papers, but in the end it’s the CIOs Gut Instrict providing the direction. Decisions like these are then beautified with some objective data, but in the end the way was already clear.   This is ok, as  Machine Learning is ok as well,  if you know their limitations and risks. Like Machine Learning a good Gut Instinct needs a lot of data, training and feedback. If one makes a Gut decision and the data and the training has not been available in the past a Gut decision can have fatal consequences. Especially senior people and managers often believe their decisions are well trained Gut decisions, but often these aren’t. Gut decisions without  the necessary training and data (creating the necessary neuronal networks) are Fake Gut Instincts and dangerous either. It’s not easy to decide when one’s Gut Instinct is fake or a good one, but knowing about the differences helps one to being a little more sensitive when pushing your strategy through the organization.