GO to PSD2 – Be part of one of the hottest Topics and Technologies

GO to PSD2 – DO, deliver and learn!

The PSD2 regulation and the corresponding RTS require from every bank to provide a full functional PSD2 test server against every TPP can implement and test. This server also needs to support the corresponding SCA and TPP onboarding flows. The test server must be available 6 months before the first release of PSD2 APIs in September 2019. We, from OpenPSD, decided and started to develop an Open Source PSD2 test server which covers the BerlinGroup standard. And although the regulator did the mistake not to regulate the technical interface of PSD2 we assume BerlinGroup API becomes de facto standard, at least in Europe and Germany. We decided to implement the test server with today’s most promising programming language GO. We believe GO will sooner or later replace Java due to its simplicity and robustness.

Be inside the castle and walls, don’t stay outside

So if YOU want to participate in our Open Source development you will not only learn a lot about PSD2.  You will also teach yourself with the hottest stuff technologies (GO, Docker, Kubernetes, DevOps etc.) And of course every developer participating will receive its stake in OpenPSD and corresponding rights. Please feel free to send us a direct message and apply as developer supporting our approach. We are already a team of six very motivated and skilled people, but we need more of YOU to succeed.  The roadmap is challenging, but promising!