PSD2 – Really? Where the hell is the Open API?

New Open API File for the BerlinGroup’s API definition available

Today we, from OpenPSD,  are proud to publish our updated version of the Open API definition for the BerlinGroup’s PSD2 API definition. We are getting closer to where we should be, but we still have to expect major changes. In July very likely a version 1.2 of the BerlinGroup API specification will be published, what makes an amendment of the corresponding OpenAPI (Swagger) definition necessary again. At the BerlinGroup API Implementation Group more and more participants are joining forces, but what me still worries most:

Smile if you can

We have created a regulation forcing the banks to open their doors, but the regulator has forgotten ‘to provide the keys’. Even if we try to standardise the API within the BerlinGroup, every bank is still ‘allowed’ to implementing technically whatever follows the laws  – A nightmare for every developer. If I consider Germany’s past we are much farer away from Open Banking than we have been the last 20 years with HBCI and FinTS.  Besides we are not allowed to using FinTS anymore. Currently I’m in charge to implementing a  kind of TPPs Multibanking behaviour in a new core system.   This is a kind of ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ from a technical perspective. I know the banks have to provide doors to enter their rooms, but everybody provides different keys. To use these keys in a sensible manner is  nearly impossible, today. Hope for the future:  Maybe the BerlinGroup API becomes a PSD2 part as well.