Open Insurance meets AI and the Developer

Today’s hottest Insurance Topics in one Event

Last year we already started to combine Cognitive Computing, Machine Learning with Zurich’s Open Insurance via our new APIs. Everything was more or less very early stage and not yet deployable, but the results of the first Insurhack Hackathon were already impressive.

And a lot of Insurhack’s results were based on Machine Learning and AI.

This motivated us to going further and preparing better for AI this year.

Not only that our Open Insurance API is now live and can be used for productive apps. We have invited IBM to supporting us with their IBM Watson AI and IBM Cloud solutions.

We even created an independent category and award for Open Data and AI solutions.

The developers of the Insurhack event receive free access to Watson, will be trained and can combine Zurich REST APIs with Watson APIs, deploy these solutions directly either on IBM’s Bluemix or Amazon’s AWS, which is available for our developers as well.

The IBM Watson solution is easy to setup and to use. Within a couple of minutes and with the support of IBM Bluemix a developer can create and deploy e.g a Waston based Natural Language Processing dialog, combine this with Zurich OData REST APIs and integrate into the Hacker’s new app.

An intelligent Insurance Chatbot is then just a few clicks away and only the beginning of an impressive potential we expect from combining Open APIs with AI.

Register now.

Don’t miss the chance to training yourself with the hottest and newest technologies, to having a lot of fun and to winning a bunch of money for your next startup and/or business ideas.

Looking forward to disrupting the Insurance business with you!

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