Insurance People selling Technology and Software

The new Zurich Open API for P&C is live for three months now.

And the new Zurich Quote and Offer P&C applications are the first customers of this new approach.
But this API was never meant to be an API for our own external and internal applications only.

Our Open API approach is meant as a new business strategy.  A strategy and an architecture, where full automated insurance technology and software becomes a new product for our salespeople.

Our product is no longer an classical insurance product, the new sales product is technology, software, the API. 

And If our new product is different to the products before, we also have to find new ways to promote and to ‘sell’ this new product.

A hackathon like our Insurhack was a first test balloon. Now we are entering the next phase.

We will be represented with an own booth at the  largest trade fair for Startups the StartupCon .
Hopefully our first new customers will be some startups we are meeting there.

We will explain and demo our API, will provide access to our developer portal and provide examples (e.g. ‘Alexa Insurance’).

But this is just the next step.
If you really want to benefit from this strategy you have to set up an independent new sales force for this approach – besides the classical ones with tied agents, broker, direct and the others.

The next generation Insurance Company will be an Insurance, where  salespeople will sell technology and software, if you ask me.


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