When your House decides to bind a Policy

When your house binds a policy autonomously when the temperature rises or the water comes!

What an idea! Sounds crazy? Yes, but it’s already possible. With the newest insurance APIs and IoT technology it’s possible to bind a building policy, when your house ‘believes’ it’s in danger. Exactly then, not earlier and not later.

The Zurich REST API supports your ideas.

Your house only needs a policy when your AI system says it’s in danger.

The latest technologies make this fantasy reality and I would love to seeing the one or other ‘crazy fantasy’ Insurtech idea at our next Insurhack hackathon.

All necessary ingredients will be available at our Insurhack:

  1. The Zurich REST API for P&C insurance for quoting, binding and issuing a policy
  2. IBM Watson for AI training your house to understand when it feels bad
  3. TI senors with 9 different sensors for connecting your house to the real world
  4. The IBM IoT platform to connect your sensors to your app

And if some time is left maybe a blockchain application as governance foundation for your app to providing a distributed view of the truth – to the customers, the insurers and all other partners once your house makes a decision.

Maybe this vision is not exactly what you would like to develop and maybe not exactly what an Insurance company would like to see as an innovation outcome, but it demonstrates what is possible today.

And I mean today, not tomorrow.

So let`s hack together for today! Register today! Today is the new tomorrow.

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