The new Red in our Life

Finally my little new red IOT Texas Instruments SimpleLink sensortag arrived from a long and expensive journey from the US.

It was not complicated to connecting the sensor with my SimpleLink app and with my local WLAN and to receiving the first data from the integrated nine different sensors.

Just some additional steps and minutes were needed to connecting the tiny little red magic with the IBM Watson IOT Cloud Quickstart Service.

Now the data was visible in Watson, but not yet useable for my individual software and rules development.

But again only some steps further and after a free registration for the IBM IOT platform data and functions were now also connected for individual further processing and for communicating from the sensor to the cloud and vice versa – with any programming language you like.

But as a lazy guy I didn’t chose one of my known and favorite classical environments.

I experimented with the new and free cloud based and visual IOT integrated RED developmentenvironment.

And within minutes again I created a flow which reads the temperature and pressure data from the tag, processes some rules based actions (later AI) and then decides to post a BIND against a Zurich building policy.

And nothing of the given process here is mocked or faked, everything real with real data and real processes.

And again, not the best use case for these new opportunities, but in my eyes an extremely impressive demonstration how the real world with sensors, some AI and OpenAPIs can work together with little programming to make the world a little more safer and comfortable.

I did this all in minutes, maybe all in all 3 to 4 hours. What if you have the time of a whole weekend like every developer has at our next new #Insurhack?

Register for free and code the next round with me.

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